Day: September 21, 2023

London Foster Care HeroesLondon Foster Care Heroes

The foster carers of London are heroes for the countless children that find sanctuary in their homes. They offer children stability, love and a sense of family, becoming beacons of hope that help these resilient youngsters overcome their profoundly disturbing backgrounds london foster care. This week they are faced with a series of harrowing scenarios that evoke a mix of emotions from fear to compassion and concern.

Becoming a Foster Parent in London: What to Expect from the Agency

Fostering can be an incredibly rewarding and challenging job, with no two days the same. Thousands of vulnerable children need foster families UK-wide, with the most complex needs often having to be placed with specialist agencies. If you have a spare room in your home and want to be part of the fostering community, please get in touch with Apple Fostering to see how we can support you.

In a shabby office with grey-blue carpet splattered with coffee stains, a group of foster carer workers sit around a low table. They have a weekly planning meeting to discuss new referrals, and the mood is tense because Hammersmith and Fulham has a shortage of carers.

The team discusses the case of an 11-year-old boy who has been removed from his mother’s crack-addicted grandmother’s home. His behaviour is chaotic and he has been running away. He may need to be moved from his current foster carers, but the borough can’t find any white ones so would have to send him to an independent fostering agency – which is more expensive.