Day: November 3, 2023

Laying Wet Pour SurfacesLaying Wet Pour Surfaces

Wet Pour Surfaces

Unlike rubber tiles which have seams, Wet Pour Surfaces is a single continuous surface that can be laid in a wide variety of shapes and patterns. Often used on sports grounds, playgrounds, verandas and pathways, it is impact-absorbing, quick-draining and safe. It is a popular option as it can be made into complex designs and patterns and has a very long product life.

Wet pour can be installed in a range of depths dependant on any play equipment in the area and is one of the most durable, long-lasting surfaces on the market. It can be manufactured to incorporate any pattern, design or shape and has passed the most stringent safety testing criteria such as Critical Fall Height. It also requires minimal maintenance and is a porous material, meaning it can be used all year round.

Wet Pour Surfacing: Environmental Benefits and Sustainability

When laying a wetpour surface it is important to use a good base that is free from sand, gravel, dirt and any other loose materials. This prevents a build-up of biological garbage such as weeds, mold, algae, and moss which will cause the surface to fail prematurely.

It is also recommended that a non-toxic Aliphatic binder is used rather than an Aromatic one as this will last longer and will not discolour the surface like the other options. It is also vital to ensure that the granules and resin are mixed thoroughly and evenly throughout the surface to prevent areas being sunk in. Using the right mix is crucial to achieving a high quality surface and will make it much more cost effective in the long run.