Large Herbivore Blog A Study of Active Travel in Market Towns in Oxfordshire, Bicester and Witney

A Study of Active Travel in Market Towns in Oxfordshire, Bicester and Witney

Active Travel  is any form of travelling that requires some level of physical activity, such as walking or cycling. It also includes trips made using e-bikes, scooters and wheelchairs. Active Travel offers a wide range of benefits, including better health (physical and mental), stronger communities and reducing air pollution and congestion. It can also play an important role in reducing carbon emissions and helping reach net-zero targets by replacing cars for business, social and commuting journeys.

The study surveyed adults living and working in market towns in Oxfordshire, Bicester and Witney. Participants were recruited through online consultation events that were attended by local stakeholders, including district and town councillors, residents and community bike projects. The research aims and objectives were discussed with these groups and the logic model was developed in collaboration with them.

Walking and Biking Safely: Tips for a Secure Active Travel Experience

Interviews took place at the end of an accompanied cycle ride, either in person or online dependant on participants’ preference. All interviews were recorded and transcribed. Eight participants went on to complete a further ‘go-along’ interview – five of these took place in Bicester and five in Witney. Details of the sample are shown in Table 1.

The majority of participants were commuters and older adults, limiting the generalisability of these findings to other adult populations. The majority of within-town trips were made by car, and the main motivation for active travel was convenience (quicker journey times or lack of parking issues). Older adults were mainly motivated by health reasons; either as a way of promoting and maintaining good health, or in response to a poor diagnosis.

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