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Beginner Dirt Bike

Beginner Dirt Bike

The average beginner dirt bike costs approximately $6,500. For many individuals this price is only a beginning point in determining exactly what kind of dirt bike to buy. While many dirt bikes will have anything from a single speed to a multiple speed, they all are dirt bikes. Some beginners may be wanting to try dirt bikes but already have a bike that they want to use and just want to upgrade to a dirt bike with more speed, better handling or other customization options.


The most important thing to decide is what kind of riding you are going to do and if you plan on doing most of your riding off road then you will need to make sure you get a dirt bike with a lot of torque. torque means the ability to increase the speed of your bike without changing the transmission. Most dirt bike has a gear ratio that changes gears depending on how you are riding so if you don’t like changing gears, you will want to get a bike that has a straight drive. For those who like to go off road a more powerful transmission is necessary because you will need that ability to go very fast on most trails.


If you are looking for a dirt bike, it is important to know the difference between two-stroke and four-stroke engines. A two stroke engine works by pushing an air piston through the cylinders of a cylinder and creating a horsepower. The advantage of two-stroke engines is that they are easily modifiable, easy to repair and very reliable. On the other hand four stroke engines are considered to be more reliable because they have four pistons that are pushed together by a crankshaft.

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