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Boat VIN Number Lookup

Boat VIN Number Lookup

Much like a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) for cars, boats are assigned a unique identifier known as a Hull Identification Number or HIN. A boat’s HIN is recorded in insurance documents, the title and registration and can be used to trace a boat should it become lost or stolen. URL

A boat’s HIN has 12 characters that identify the manufacturer, year and other important information. It can also help to confirm ownership or registration. It can also reveal whether a boat has been involved in accidents or have outstanding liens. This is especially important for people looking to buy a boat as it can ensure that they aren’t buying a vessel with a history of problems that might affect their safety or that of their family and friends.

Demystifying Boat VIN Number Lookup: How to Research Your Vessel’s History”

HINs are usually shown on a label affixed to the vessel or engraved in the hull. It is recommended that you always show the HIN in the presence of law enforcement officers during a boarding or inspection. It is a Federal requirement to display the HIN on your boat and should be clearly visible at all times.

There are several online services that can be used to check a boat’s HIN and obtain a comprehensive report. The most popular is called Boat History Report, which is similar to a CarFax or Autocheck for cars. It provides detailed accident and damage history, lien and ownership information, specifications and recalls.

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