Large Herbivore Recreation Cable Sets For Trailers

Cable Sets For Trailers

cable sets for trailers

If you have a Nettotrailer, you probably already have a cable set for your rear view camera. Most of these kits come with a 7-pin socket and are easy to install. These kits are designed to connect the latest generation DometicPerfectView cameras. This is the easiest way to ensure the safety of your vehicle and your family. However, if you want to make sure that your brakes work properly and will not accidentally disengage while traveling, you should invest in a set that is designed for your specific vehicle.

The Brakes Will Activate Automatically To Stop It From Moving Further

Cable sets are a great way to attach a trailer to a truck or bus. They are also useful for ensuring the safety of your vehicle and your family. These cables are often used in combination with a breakaway device to keep a trailer connected to a tow vehicle. When a vehicle disconnects from a trailer, a breakaway cable will activate the trailer brakes to keep it attached to the tow vehicle.

A breakaway cable is a crucial component of a trailer’s safety. It is responsible for ensuring that the trailer stays attached to the tow vehicle while the brakes are engaged. It is therefore essential to purchase a set with a breakaway cable for your trailer. This feature will ensure that your trailer will not be detached from your vehicle in case of an accident. When the trailer does become detached, the brakes will activate automatically to stop it from moving further.

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