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Construction Safety Tips for Concrete Retaining Walls

concrete retaining walls

Concrete retaining walls are designed to meet certain needs when placed in a given environment. These walls are made out of cementitious material and as such they have certain properties that make them effective. These walls are most commonly used in homes or on constructions that have limited space or one that needs to withstand the weight of other structures.

How To Make Your Concrete Retaining Walls Look Amazing

For a concrete retaining wall to serve its purpose well, it is advisable to hire a professional to properly install the wall by following professional design guidelines. The base should be firmly set upon an existing foundation that is stable and level. The foundation should be laid directly on the ground and the retaining wall should be built up over the top of this. The footing should also be laid directly under the frost line and if possible, concrete should be reinforced with rebar to reinforce it.

There are many areas where concrete retaining walls are used and most often they are found in the outdoors. They are most commonly used in yards to separate a field or plot of land into two distinct parts. The main reason for this type of construction is to create a safer walking surface for the public especially for those with mobility issues. This ensures that no person should wander into a path of one’s construction. Most building codes in most cities require a minimum of four feet of depth for walking on a sidewalk or street to prevent injuries. Other uses include the creation of a children’s playground, separation of an athletic field from an adult playground, fencing a garden, and the construction of retaining walls for housing developments.

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