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Jarritos Soft Drink


Jarrito is a soft drink that originated in Mexico in 1950. Don Isaac Bessudo Perez founded the brand. Today, it is owned by Novamex, a large independent bottling conglomerate and property of Hill & ac. Co. The brand is distributed by the Pepsi Bottling Group and Cott. In addition to its Mexican origin, Jarritos is distributed across the United States.

Read On To Find Out What Makes This Soda Such A Great Drink

The brand has been a favorite among Mexicans for decades. Jarritos was a key part of the Mexican Revolution, as the country was a booming nation at the time. Eventually, it merged with Coca-Cola to become a popular beverage. It also incorporated innovative processes for distilling the essence of tamarind. The Jarritos brand expanded to incorporate other fruit flavors grown in the orchards of Mexico.

The company first began production of Jarritos in the 1950s in Guadalajara, Mexico. Hill began experimenting with the soda’s flavor, and soon, it was the leading soft drink brand in the country. In the 1980s, the brand began exporting to the United States, becoming one of the most popular Mexican products in the Hispanic market in the U.S. Ten years after it was created, Jarritos began making waves in other countries.

The Jarritos brand is sold in nearly half of U.S. grocery stores. Its annual sales topped $2 million in 2011. The brand is also available in other countries. According to Beverage Marketing, Jarritos sold in the United States in just over half of the country’s grocery stores. The company estimates that the sales of Jarritos were between $150 million and $200 million last year. Although this number is quite small, it is still an impressive achievement when compared to other popular soft drinks. For example, Coca-Cola and Pepsi each had retail sales of $14.4 billion, while Dr. Pepper and Pepsi each had sales of $5.2 billion.

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