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Lighting Tower Hire Specialists

Lighting Tower Hire Specialists

The winter months can make it difficult for crews to meet deadlines as the days grow shorter. As a rental equipment business owner, you can help contractors stay on task by offering them a lighting tower to illuminate the area they need to work. By providing the right lighting solutions for their needs, you can turn one-time rentals into repeat customers.

When it comes to selecting the best mobile lighting tower hire option for a particular space, you will need to consider power and size. Diesel light towers are robust pieces of equipment that can be used on construction sites and even outdoor events to illuminate areas for safety reasons. These are a great choice as they do not require a connection to mains electricity and can be easily powered with diesel fuel.

Maximizing Energy Efficiency with Lighting Tower Hire Specialists

Other options include LED lights that are more energy efficient than metal halide lamps and are therefore less expensive to operate. They also last a lot longer, meaning that you can get up to three times the hours out of a single tower when compared to other models.

You should also think about the mast height of your tower lighting product when making a decision as this will affect the area that can be illuminated. Talk to your tool hire expert about the different lamp configurations and mast heights that are available on each product and this will help you to select the best lighting tower hire solution for your project.

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