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New York Traffic Ticket Lawyers

Darren DeUrso: Attorney at Law helps clients who are ticketed or cited for traffic violations in Westchester County and throughout New York State. A traffic violation can have far-reaching implications, including high fines, points on your driver’s license, potential job impacts and even a loss of your driving privileges. A knowledgeable traffic ticket lawyer can assist you with these issues and fight to protect your rights in court.

Will 2 points affect my insurance in NY?

Speeding tickets are some of the most common types of traffic violations in New York. Depending on how fast you were going, you could face harsh fines and traffic violation points that will impact your license and insurance rates. A speeding ticket lawyer can review the circumstances of your case and possible defenses, such as weather conditions at the time or an error by the police officer in determining your speed.

New York Traffic Ticket Lawyers Red-light cameras are another source of frustration for many drivers, who believe these devices are designed to bilk money from responsible drivers by falsely flagging cars that make legal right turns on red lights. An experienced traffic ticket lawyer can fight for your rights to fair treatment by reviewing the circumstances of your case and possibly challenging the accuracy of the equipment used, the accuracy of the weather conditions at the time or any errors in the police procedure.

Some people choose to simply pay their speeding ticket and move on, but this can be a mistake because sending in your fine is an admission of guilt. A reputable traffic ticket lawyer can help you decide if fighting the ticket is in your best interest and he or she can negotiate with prosecutors in court on your behalf without you having to appear in person.


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