Shining Light Piercing in San Diego

hining Light Piercing in San Diego

Shining Light is a body jewelry wholesaler based in San Diego, California. The company prides itself in keeping up with the latest trends and supplying body piercers with the best quality piercing jewelry. This wholesale tattoo supplies is the first to offer a no-order minimum policy, and every piece of jewelry comes with a guarantee.

What Is Basic Body Jewelry?

Shining Light is the top wholesale body jewelry provider in the world. Their goal is to provide the highest quality body jewelry and tattoo supplies. The company has a no-minimum-order policy, and each piece of jewelry has a lifetime guarantee. You can find their retail location across from the post office in Pacific Beach.

Shining Light Body Jewelry offers a full line of piercing jewelry. You can find everything you need to create your own unique designs. Shining Light Body Jewelry offers jewelry for every occasion. They also offer a full range of accessories, from medical supplies to body jewelry manufacturing.

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